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What it means


We understand “apostolic” as not being just another form of “pastoral”, or pastors who are “better”, “better” churches, or travelling ministers.

In our understanding “apostolic” is based on clear apostolic New Testament teaching, without any dogmatic, doctrinal or statutory extensions.

We also carefully analyse and observe the trends in Church if they are in harmony with apostolic teaching.

For us the structural aspect of Church life is instrumental. Even though all groups are per nome “denominations”, we don’t believe in any kind of ruling centralisation.

The basic cell in the Body of Christ is the local church. The New Testament speaks about its structure as the group of believers with a leader (proistamenos or episkopos) and a body of advisers, elders or presbyters.

In apostolic times local churches were fully independent and autonomous, even though there were differences between them. And of course, they related with each other regardless of the differences.

Following this pattern as an example, we focus on (1) strengthening local churches and (2) building friendly relationships between them. It is definitely time for all barriers and dividing walls between churches to be broken down and a healthy spiritual life to begin to flourish.

AIM churches are not just another new denomination or network, but a body of local churches, which, regardless of their denominations and networks, are building mutual relations.

In our understanding relations is never one-sided. It is in knowing each other, praying with and for one another’s needs, supporting each other, trusting one another with pulpit exchange – all these on the proper foundation of apostolic teachings.

If you are interested in building this kind of apostolic relationship, then you have found your match!
Looking forward to hear from you.